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In the TV runs only crap. I watch a porn video. Two women fucking each other with their fingers in their pussies. I get horny. My dick is hard. I take off my underpants, want to jerk off. But not on this movie. I've seen it a hundred times. I go to the desk where my computer is. I sit naked on the chair, my dick sticking out. I fire up the box, go on the Internet. Enter the address with the live sex cams. Over 400 girls online. I look at all free preview sex pictures. Then I decide on a horny camgirl. Her pout and her big tits turn me on. I click myself into the live cam chat. Then I see her. Even hornier than on the photo. She lies naked on the bed, smiling at me. Hi, I'm Michael, I'm writing to her. Hi, I am Nicki, what can I do for you? she answers. I'm horny, I type, want to jerk off while you do hot things for me. That's okay, Nicki says, what should I do? Show me your wet pussy please. She does it, spreads her legs wide, pulls her cunt with both hands. I can see right into the rosy paradise. Fuck you with your fingers. Nicki puts her index finger in her mouth, sucks on it, moistens it. Then she sticks her finger in her pussy, starts fucking herself slowly with it. I can't stop being horny. Can you fit any more fingers in there, I ask. Immediately Nicki lets two more fingers slide into her pussy, pushes them deep into her mouth is open, her wonderful breasts rise and fall rhythmically, she moans with pleasure. I massage my hard cock, as slowly as possible, because I do not want to inject yet. I want to see more of this great girl. And she does me the favor, changes the position, goes on all fours, stretches her gorgeous crack bottom into the camera. I can see her cute little asshole. Full of excitement I watch how she now drills a finger into her rosette. Seconds later a second one is added. Nicki fucks herself in the ass, it's a fantastic sight. I jerk my cock faster, I can't help it. Because now Nicki has an extremely thick dildo in her hand. The acorn has the circumference of a ripe orange. She lubricates this huge rubber cock with lubricant until it shines. Then she slowly inserts the huge thing into her crevice. Deeper and deeper until the dildo has to be stuck in her cunt until it stops. I feel the sperm bubbling in my sack. Stop jerking off, hold my syringe firmly with one hand. It pulsates hot, the veins appear bluish. I know I can't take it much longer now. Nicki is totally fucked up. Now she pulls the dildo out of her pussy, but her cunt, surrounded by thick, dark red labia, remains open.

My horniness knows no limits on cam

I start moaning loudly, now kneading my balls with one hand. What follows now, I've never seen before. Because now Nicki directs this incredibly thick acorn to her rosette. Oh man, she doesn't want to shove that big thing up her ass. But that's exactly what the sweet bitch is doing. Millimeter by millimeter the dildo stretches her back entrance until the acorn suddenly slides in with a jerk. How I wish my dick was in its place right now. But so I watch half out of my mind with horniness as this young, at most 25 year old, starts to fuck himself in the ass with the thickest rubber cock I have ever seen. At this sight all the floodgates open for me. I'm going to jerk off as fast as I can. Then I explode. One, two, three giant fountains of cum shoot up, drops shoot into my face, my lips, my stomach. I'm completely covered in my semen, it's super cool. I keep wanking until the last drop comes out of my dick while Nicki is still fucking herself in the ass with the dildo. When she finally stops I write: This was the hottest Camsex show I have ever seen! Thanks for the compliment, writes Nicki back. You can count on it, honey, I'll type, then I'll cut out. Totally satisfied I go to bed, dream for a long time about Nicki and her big dildo. One thing's for sure: next time I'll ask her to meet me live.

How I become a VR camwhore

When did I realize that it makes me horny to show myself in front of strange men, no, not only to show, but also to masturbate? It must have started back then, when I had a longer phase without a partner and had to enjoy myself more often with my vibrator. One beautiful summer evening, it was still bright, I was lying in bed and was just my little "helper" had already provided a lot of juice in my pussy - I suddenly noticed a man completely unknown to me, who flattened his nose on my bedroom and obviously, as I could see from his movements, rubbed his cock - I could not see the tail. I got a fright, interrupted my action immediately and pressed my thighs together. But somehow my body reported especially my clit completely contradictory to the feeling of shame I felt in my head: "Go on, go on, show the guy, I want it! It took only seconds until the thought of my body became overpowering, my thighs opened as if by itself and I just continued my horny doing. The man outside the window grinned broadly and nodded his head approvingly. The wave came all of a sudden, the orgasm tore me apart, I have never come so violently as at this moment. I felt a warm wave coming out of my pussy and the sheet got wet. When I could open my eyes again -my orgasm must have lasted half a minute or more - I could see that the man was also having his RIGHT fun, because his sperm was running down the glass of my window. He threw me a kissing hand and disappeared. In the following hours I thought about what happened - had the voyeuristic aspect of my masturbation really made me so hot? Over the next few days I actually noticed how the otherwise quite horny sex with my vibrator seemed bland and inexplicably orgasmic. I didn't want and didn't want to get up to speed, my orgasm was always far away and didn't want to be lured out. What could I do? How could I get what I obviously needed? I began to surf on relevant sex dating sites. But all men were just looking for willing women to have sex with for real. I didn't want that at all, it wouldn't help me either.

Camsex experience with Skype

But there - an advertisement: a man was looking for a woman he could watch masturbating via Skype. With a beating heart I wrote him an answer - 35-year-old woman with firm breasts (85B) and partially shaved pussy is very happy to watch her masturbate via webcam. "Pling", did it and there was the answer: "My Skype name is horsecock, adde me and we can start immediately. "Uh," I thought, that was quick, but I'm not that quick. I wrote back "ok, let's do it, but I can't until tonight, my Skype name is susanne. "Ok", wrote back horsecock, "then by 7pm. Time is ok?" "Yes," I wrote back. 18:55 with trembling fingers I operate my PC keyboard, log on to Skype. The contact request from flashes on my screen. I still dressed up nicely, pussy is freshly shaved, only a small tuft I left - as usual - on the hill. Apart from that I wear a transparent bra, which shows off my firm breasts well, a matching panty and nylons without straps - all in black. I have my favourite vibrator ready. Over my head I wear an overmask, I want to show my body naked, but still have some privacy. I press the call button, horsecock accepts immediately. Via chat he writes: "Come on, girl, let's go, I want to see your tits and your cunt." I sit down on the couch right in front of the webcam. Slowly I start to caress my breasts through the bra, my lower body I move slightly back and forth. In the screen it says, "Take off your clothes, I wanna see you naked." "Well," I think, "somebody's impatient." So I take off my bra and panties, spread my legs and rub my left breast with one hand and my pussy with the other. "Yeah, come jerk off," I can read. I can actually feel that the whole situation is making me quite horny. I haven't felt such horniness since that day with that man at the bedroom window. When a first drop of lust from my pussy and runs along my thigh, I take my vibrator and push it slowly into the horny moist opening - 20cm pure silicone plus handle, so that women can also enjoy the full 20cm. Faster and faster I start to jerk off now, a finger of the right hand on the clit, the left hand moves the vibrator, which in pulsating waves its vibration program, in my pussy - in and out, in and out, in and out. "Yaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh", I explode, the whole thing has a lot. lasted 10 minutes, the orgasm lasts forever. When I pull the vibrator out of my pussy, it is full of pussy slime. I turn the cam off.

My webcam lover

"Great tits, great pussy, great show, bitch. You know what? That's even worth 25� to me, if you were a really decent woman I would only have given verbal applause, but you're just a cheap hooker and that's why I want to pay you like a hooker", and "Plopp" is already a code number of an Amazon voucher on the screen. I was totally surprised but strangely enough the expected feeling of offence did not come up. What was that? I felt..........lust coming up inside me when I heard those words. "cheap hooker", "pay", "coupon", actually made me horny again. I take my vibrator and push it into my soaking wet pussy hole once again. I imagine in my mind's eye that I am lying on a turntable and 5 no at least 8 guys watching me jerk off and rub their stiff cocks. And when the thought shoots in that they pay me like a hooker for it, it comes to me, a mega-orgasm makes its way, drives me almost to unconsciousness, my breath stops, after a first loud scream I can only groan suppressed.

Whoa, what was that?

I think I realize that this thought of "doing it for money for a stranger in front of the camera" has made me really hot. Is it possible that I'm a "cheap" webcam bitch? I finally had to admit to myself that that's exactly what I am. Since that day I have been living out my naturally secret passion in this way - I get paid for photos, videos, webcam. The feeling of being paid for it makes me feel very horny again and again.

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